More than 100 models released with NVidia cards released


NVIDIA has announced that global OEM partners have launched more than 100 new thin, lightweight and fast notebook models, all equipped with NVIDIA GeForce® GPUs. Among the new models are the recently released GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER ™ and 2070 SUPER laptop GPU products.

There are also models with RTX 2060 GPU, which are on sale at a record number of new products starting at $ 999. All of the new platforms are based on NVIDIA Turing ™ architecture. Assigning RT cores specifically for real-time ray tracing and artificial intelligence operations, this architecture provides high performance and visual reality for today’s most popular games and leading content production applications.

More than 100 models released with NVidia cards released Most of the new models are available with Max-Q configuration. This NVIDIA technology achieves the fastest performance and highest efficiency on a mobile platform with new features.

“Just over 18 months ago, NVIDIA reinvented its graphics technology with ray tracing. This completely changed the look, gameplay, and feel of the games. ” “It is incredible to have this technology for just $ 999 on a laptop,” said Jeff Fisher, Senior Vice President, NVIDIA Gaming. Thanks to Max-Q technology, consumers can find extraordinarily thin and light laptops at any price level. ”

New Max-Q Technologies:Even Thinner, Lightweight and Efficient Notebooks NVIDIA Max-Q technology, which was first introduced a few years ago, has transformed gaming laptops into a transformation. Thanks to this technology, a thinner, lighter, more efficient and powerful laptop class has emerged than before. New developments in Max-Q technology double the power efficiency compared to previous designs. In addition, features that increase performance and battery life are also added.

Dynamic Boost – Automatically balances power between the GPU and CPU in every frame on the screen, improving overall gaming performance.

Dynamic Boost, which operates automatically and adaptable continuously, offers more performance without increasing the power consumption of the system. Low Voltage GDDR6 – Working together with partners to improve memory efficiency, NVIDIA delivers high performance with new low voltage GDDR6 memory.

Advanced Optimus – This groundbreaking display technology ensures impressive gaming experience and long battery life without stuttering with NVIDIA G-SYNC®. Advanced Optimus® technology, which controls which GPU controls the display, uses the right GPU at the right time for the right workload. Switching between GPUs can be done dynamically without rebooting the system.

New Generation Regulator Efficiency – New generation voltage regulators make the system design suitable for more efficient GPUs to operate more efficiently.

Deep Learning Super Sampling 2.0 – Powered by special artificial intelligence processors called Tensor Cores in RTX GPUs, DLSS 2.0 stands out as an advanced deep learning neural network system that creates great clarity images in games and increases frame rates. This feature, which increases the performance potential that can be achieved in games, ensures the highest ray tracing settings at higher resolutions and increases the battery life by 20 percent.

RTX Studio Powers Designers with New Notebooks

NVIDIA also announced 10 new RTX Studio laptops equipped with RTX SUPER GPUs and the latest Intel 10th generation processors. These laptops from Acer, Gigabyte, MSI and Razer offer the perfect solution for designers looking for unmatched video editing and 3D performance.

More than 45 popular creativity apps, including Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, AutoDesk Arnold, Blender and many more, can take advantage of RTX acceleration with RT cores in RTX GPUs. You can find more information about RTX Studio Laptops here.