Is Crysis 4 coming? Crytek posted a mysterious message


About 4 years after the social media accounts of the Crysis series, which has been silenced for a long time, a new and a mysterious message has been published. Crysis 4 or Crysis Remastered may be much closer than we expected. Crysis series has a huge fan base in our country as well as all over the world. The series, which came to the fore with its technical aspect that made computer hardware cry, had been silenced for a long time. Of course, the biggest reason for this silence is due to the financial and other problems experienced in Crytek. Now back to the Hunt: Showdown game, Crytek posted a mysterious message about Crysis about four years later.

A mysterious message was released for Crysis about 4 years later “RECEIVING DATA” message was shared on the social media accounts of the game. No further details were given about this message, which we could translate as “receiving data”.

Considering that the last message thrown was in December 2016, we can say that social media accounts are activated again with such a message, and that it is a messenger of something in terms of serial. When we look at this post, we see that thousands of players are excited with the answer given by Xbox.

The latest development on the Crysis side occurred on April 1 and the official site of the game was updated. Although many game lovers regard this as a April 1st joke, we did not see any explanation from the company that it was a joke. The subsequent rumors of Crysis 4 and Crysis Remastered proved an important proof that there was a mobility in the company. Moreover, there were some rumors in April last year that Crytek was working on Crysis 4. All these rumors and social media that are back in action are a matter of curiosity. The eyes are, of course, turned into Crytek.