iGame 3070 OC-V Graphics Card Review


Colorful’s iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V graphics card meets all of the needs for high-end PC gaming at an affordable price point.

Although the name iGame might not be instantly recognizable, the company behind the brand, Colorful, should be familiar to PC gamers. Primarily focused on the Chinese market, Colorful has been one of Nvidia’s key partners when it comes to graphics cards and while its products typically don’t make it stateside too often, they are usually quality. With the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V and Colorful’s line of 3000 series GPUs, the company is looking to stake a more worldwide claim and show PC users what its tech is capable of.

Its name might not be well known in the States and its looks might be a little different, but the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V hits all of the important notes of the 3000 series cards. It’s powerful, it’s affordable, and it is ready for the next generation of gaming.


Base Clock: 1725 MHz

Boost (One-Key Overlocking) Clock: 1815 MHz

Memory: 8GB of GDDR6

Bus: 256 Bit

Power: 650W


The iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V sports the triple fan design typically seen with the 3000 series partner cards. While Nvidia opted for a unique, dual-fan cooling system that uses most of the card’s real estate for fins and cooling, the partner cards are more traditional. The Advanced iGame 3070 adds a splash of personality by adding a red RGB rim around the center fan. Stock, the RGB lights glow or pulse to match the Colorful brand theming, but users can customize the RGB a little bit to their liking. They can even turn on a setting that uses the RGB rim to make it so the center fan looks like it is stationary.

For PC gamers who opt for the vertically mounted GPU, the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V certainly has enough style that it will stand out in any case. Some might find that it is a little bolder in its use of RGB on a single fan, but it grew on us over time. For a while now the triple fan design with a little RGB on the logo was all that PC gamers could expect and that’s mostly true for the 3000 series as well. So Colorful gets points for trying something different with the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V.

As with most of the 3070 cards, the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is a 2-slot PCIe GPU that requires 2 8-pin connectors for power. Some of the beefier 3000 series cards can take up a lot of space, especially the 3090 models, but the iGame 3070 is standard GPU size. It still feels solid, though, and of high quality.

On the input/output side of the card, there are three ports for DisplayPort capable devices and 1 HDMI. It’s the fairly standard selection for the current graphics card market, and with the 3000 series favoring higher frame rates and fidelity, the DP options are appreciated.

There is also a button next to the ports that is Colorful’s one-key Overclocking option. Just by pressing the button, PC gamers can boost the clock speed of the GPU without tweaking individual settings. While prior GPU generations put the onus on the user to figure out how best to overclock their cards, the 3000 series has made things more user friendly. The iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V takes it a step further with this overclocking button, which can boost the clock speed to a reported 1815 MHz.

Thermals And Noise

Thermal performance of the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is right around where PC gamers are most comfortable. Under load, the card doesn’t get too hot (usually in the high 60 degrees Celsius), but it also isn’t the coolest card out of the 3070 bunch. For those who might have more restrictive airflow cases, the GPU may run warmer than they are hoping, but nowhere that there should be any real concern. It’s also worth pointing out that the 3000 series cards typically run a little hotter than the average GPUs of past generations because of the higher performance. That being said, the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V pulls about 397 Watts under load in our testing and that’s still pretty solid.

Colorful boasts a stop-start fan technology and a 15-blade fan setup that is meant to make the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V as cool as possible and keep noise low. However, we found that it is a little louder than some of the other 3000 series cards that we have tested, including those in the higher tiers. It’s nothing that is unbelievably loud, and users can tweak their settings to run the card a little hotter with the goal of a quieter rig.

Colorful clearly has put a lot of effort into keeping the GPU cool and quiet as best it can, but these are still powerhouse graphics cards. They can and will get hot and the fans do a great job of keeping things well within appropriate levels. But for comparison’s sake, this is a little hotter and a little louder card.


There is always going to be a discussion about the performance of the 3070 cards in the context of their price, but the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is no slouch. It is more than capable of running the top games in the industry and popular PC games of the last few years at high resolutions worthy of a pricey gaming monitor. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is arguably not the most PC-optimized game and the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V can still get to about 80 FPS at 1080p (closer to 70 at 1440p). That alone speaks the power of the card and what it can offer gamers. Multiplatforms are always going to be hit or miss, but the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V still delivers solid performance thanks to its power.

If there was any question about whether the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is capable of hitting the same numbers as any other 3070 on the market, don’t be concerned. This is very much the real deal. And when looking at contemporary games like Destiny 2 (120FPS at 1080p High) or Horizon: Zero Dawn (110 FPS at 1080p High) there is little doubt of what the GPU can do.

Ultimately, the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V can perform slightly better on some benchmarks and a little lower on others, but it is more than on level with the other 3070 cards out there. Not to mention, the performance is typically better than the 2080 TI, even if it is a slim margin (usually about 5-10% depending on the game). It’s just an all-around solid card whose focus is on buttery smooth gameplay of at least 60FPS (usually more than 100 FPS) at high settings and 1080p. 1440p knocks the performance about 20 FPS and then 4K gets closer to the 60FPS range depending on the game.

Because of how GPU intensive Ray-Tracing is, a card like the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is going to perform better than some of the legacy RT cards, but not the higher tier 3000 series. Games like Control (about 55FPS) and Watch Dogs Legion (about 51 FPS), for example, will not hit 60 FPS at 1080p resolution but they will come relatively close. Tweaking some settings and gamers can get an RT experience that is at 60 frames, but some concessions will need to be made. Still, a card that costs less than $600 and can deliver that kind of performance is very impressive. And as more developers begin to learn how to optimize with Ray-Tracing, the 3000 series cards are only going to get better.

Final Impressions

Colorful might not be a widely recognized name in the states, but its iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V GPU brings plenty to the table that makes it worth a look. 3070’s on their own are going to be some of the most sought after GPUs because of their attractive price to power ratio. Yes, the 3070 can get close to the performance of the 2080TI for half the price, but it doesn’t outright blow Nvidia’s powerhouse, last-gen GPU out of the water either.

For most PC users, the value of the 3070 is the ability to build a high-end gaming PC that can hit at least 60FPS on high settings and support Ray-Tracing (with DLSS on) wherever possible. The iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V can do all of that, and will even offer the ability to squeeze out a little extra power thanks to the one-key overclocking button. Its design might seem a little ostentatious at first, but the iGame grew on us over time, and will look really stylish in a vertically mounted setup.

The only real downside to the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is that it can get a little hotter than some of the other 3070s out there, but not to the point that anything will get damaged. It’s mostly a consideration for those who might game in warmer temperatures or who have PC cases with less than optimal airflow.

Aside from that, though, the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V is very impressive and is well worth looking at if you can find one available. Colorful has been a big player internationally, and its latest offerings of GPUs show that it can compete with anyone.

For more on the iGame 3070 Advanced OC-V check out Colorful’s official site. Game Rant was provided a review unit for this coverage.